Election circus!

It’s Dutch Election Day, so naturally I’m not in-country. The past two times I wasn’t, and it proved very difficult or even impossible to vote. But this time I was prepared: I asked a friend to do it for me (legally of course), and it wasn’t even difficult to organise this. Meanwhile, this year’s elections … More Election circus!


So in the meantime I went to Oman. Most people’s eyebrows go up when you mention it, either because they don’t know where it is, what it is, or what the hell I would be doing there, or because they just wonder why I’d go to the Middle-East. Well, why not? It’s beautiful.   It’s … More Oman


It’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Shitty excuse, I know. Maybe this picture of a cat will make up for it? Please?    


The Big Apple has many things to offer. From an English pub called The Shakespeare (slap-bang in central Manhattan) where we met a Russian friend who also used to live in Timor, to beautiful and bloomin’ Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn (my apologies for over-alliterating). I was in luck: the magnolias had just started blossoming, and it was quite … More Besties


The last (and only) time I was in New York before was 16 years ago. Ridiculous, really. It really is one of the coolest cities on the planet, and it takes me this long? The Towers were still there then. We took pictures pointing skywards, debated going inside and up, but nonchalantly decided not to. … More Apple

Dutch power cut

According to the newsreader the Dutch electricity network is the most reliable in the world. Today, however, it kinda wasn’t, because most houses, shops, train stations and hospitals in an entire province suddenly lost power. Amsterdam airport was shut down, people got stuck in elevators, trains and the Amsterdam underground system, and mobile phones lost … More Dutch power cut


Sometimes I really like the internet. While we are reminded on a daily (well, hourly) basis that humans are bad and evil and lazy and depraved and selfish… …it seems to be much more difficult to find heartwarming examples of people who use their humanity for better things than feeding their insecure egos by making … More Humanity